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With the continuous expansion of social and market demand, the development prospect of LED mobile media car industry is very considerable. At the same time, the outdoor multimedia advertising developed together with the Internet mobile media will explode in the next five years, its advertising volume is estimated to increase by 15% year by year. According to the proportion of advertising and industry development trend,LED mobile media car in the future will at least have more than 6 billion dollars of advertising each year, the data will also fluctuate with the growth rate of the demand of countries. Therefore, the LED mobile media vehicle, which is a new type of media to carry out advertising and publicity, will become the trend media mode in the next few years. It will not only achieve product customers, but also achieve a large number of advertising enterprises, and become a new highlight of outdoor media. LED mobile advertising vehicle is a new type of media that organically combines the chassis and LED display, and carries out mobile advertising through rich and diverse dynamic content and interactive means.

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