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Billboard safety and environmental detection system

  • Intelligent advertising light box, 4G cloud control system


1. Automatic repair report for light box failure

2. Light box safety monitoring, abnormal situation automatic or manual remote power off

3. Real-time acquisition of publication information through publication management


4. Environmental testing includes monitoring of gaseous pollutants such as temperature, humidity,PM2.5, PM10 and NOx.

Ensure the environmental safety of public transport hubs

5. Automatic switch, intelligent time-sharing dimming control, energy saving and environmental protection

6. Suitable for airport, subway, bus station, shopping mall and other environmental needs


Our system can realize the function of sending instructions in time

Emergency power outages can also be applied to the equipment schedule

In our system, data graphs and values of all kinds of data can be easily and clearly seen

  • On the user management screen, you can set the permission of the corresponding administrator

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