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Healthy ambient lighting/ceiling decorative lighting/table lamps

Color Quality— Top class of lighting“Well-being and clean”             
Healthy lightLow 450m harmful blue light High 480nm bioeffector blue light True saturated color
Health lighting(high480nm/low450nm)
(1) Alert during the day, improve sleep quality at night (2) no harm to photoreceptor cells
The Nobel prize in Physiology or
Medicine 2017

Discoveriesof molecular Mechanisms
Controlling the Circadian R hythm

Natural lighting allows humans to perceive space and also plays an important role in circadian and sleep timing. A good, comfortable night's sleep helps keep your circadian  at an optimal level
At night, the period gene is active, making
period mRNA that heads to the cell
scytoplasm to direct production of PER,
the period protein Our biological clock helps
to regulate sleeppatterns, feeding behavior,
hormone release, blood pressure, and body
temperature Chronic misalignment between
our lifestyle and the r hythm is associated
with increased risk for variousdiseases

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